What is the For-Life Guarantee and why?

We design and craft all Sheep Inc. sweaters with the thought of creating a close-knit relationship between you and your garment. Like all good relationships, we want to make sure this one lasts and your garment remains a permanent part of your wardrobe for life. This is not only good for you but also for the environment — by wearing our garments as long as possible, we reduce the need to buy new clothes and thereby reduce our carbon footprint.

And for your peace of mind, we offer a ‘For-Life Guarantee’. This means: should you at any point have any issue with your garment — please just get in touch and we’ll help to get it back into sheep-shape condition!

What does the For-Life Guarantee include?

In one word: everything. Whether its damages from normal wear and tear, faulty materials, poor workmanship or otherwise. We want you to enjoy your garment for life — so should any of this happen to your sweater, our team will restore it to the best of our abilities or find another solution. Because what sheep have joined together, let no men separate.

How do I send in my sweater for maintenance?

If you feel your sweater needs a repair or maintenance, please fill out the following For-Life Form here and send the form together with pictures of the item to our customer experience team at theflock@sheepinc.com. Please note that you must be the original purchaser of the product with a valid proof of purchase (order number and date). Or, if the garment has been gifted get in touch and let us know the order number, full name of the original purchaser and their address.