We are on a journey. To have the fashion industry play its part in making the planet a healthier and better place to live. For all people of today. For all generations of tomorrow.

To get there, we need to change the way things are being done. To pursue innovation.

We believe innovation is driven by diversity. By an embrace of different voices. By a freedom for those voices to speak. By a respect for those voices to be heard. And by a drive to have our collective ideas actioned on.

We actively seek out diverse voices in every aspect of our business. From the teams we work with every day. To the freelancers who help us. To the crew who realise our creative. To those who wear and champion our products.

Without them, we would not be able to drive the innovation needed to improve the wellbeing of our planet. Benefitting all of us. Making actively seeking out diversity not only the right thing to do. But the smart thing too.